Scope of Work

Hardware Development

100% Proprietary of intellectual property achieves the interdisciplinarity integration of technology and music.


100 Steps and 100 workers. Production and update in 100 days.

Program Development

Optimized algorithm provides accurate recognition, even under the disturbance of background music.

Course Designing

Combine games and music theory, create a engine for popular music self-learning.

Our Team

Poputar Inc was founded in April 2015. We specialize in gamification of music self-learning,

and focus on making music learning fun and efficient with technology.

Bohan Zhang, the founder of Poputar Inc, discovered the potentials of smart instrument during the time of overseas study. In order to redefine the way of music learning, Bohan dropped school and devoted himself to development of technology to create closer relationship between people and music than ever.

During the first year of company's running, elites from various communities joined our team. We work together and strive to bring the dream of "Learn your first song in 5 minutes and be able to perform in 60 minutes" to life.

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