Product Video


Red Dot Design Award


In March 2017, as a winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Poputar Smart Guitar showed up in the arena of top international product design competition.


iF Design Award


In February 2017, Poputar Smart Guitar gained the "The Oscar" of product design - the iF Design Award in Germany


Creative Business Cup


In November 2016, Poputar showed up in Copenhagen for the Creative Business Cup. The team gained the runner-up of the final and winner of "Play and Learn".




As a representative of Chinese instruments, Poputar Smart Guitar showed up at CES and received acclaim from worldwide visitors.


Product Review

Maybe we really need such a procudt to help us discover the magic of music.
The idea of Poputar is about efficiency and path. Poputar not only leads you to success, but also help you archieve more with less.
For the young generation, a smart instrument means more than a instrument. It expresses lifestyle, enables you to show off.
Playing a guitar is cool, but praticing a guitar is tough. Popotar is born to give you easy and joyful pratice time.
Like any stringed instrument,learning chords is a bit of pain. We can solve this with technology.
It connects to an APP where users can get inatant feedback and correct themselves.